Two recent pieces on military action against ISIS


Obama and Iraq, Obama and Immigration

A couple of pieces on Obama–one on Iraq and one on immigration:

Why Boehner’s Lawsuit Misses the Mark

My latest piece for the Hill:

My C-Span Appearance Re: Speaker Boehner’s Plan for a Lawsuit Against President Obama

Had a fun time on C-Span yesterday–here’s the link:

Recent writing on presidential power, Iraq, and gun regulation

Some recent pieces I’ve written for U.S. News & World Report and the Hill:

Debate Over U.S. Intervention in Iraq Incorrectly Assumes President Can Act Alone

My latest piece for the

Radio appearance to discuss President Obama and the Bergdahl prisoner exchange

I was on Ken Rudin’s Political Junkie show yesterday–you can hear the discussion starting at about 14:50 and going til 26:00



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