My take on President Obama’s upcoming action on immigration

I think President Obama is likely to be on solid legal ground, and wonder why Republicans are more charged up about unilateral domestic action than about unilateral national security action–at the

Two recent pieces on military action against ISIS


Obama and Iraq, Obama and Immigration

A couple of pieces on Obama–one on Iraq and one on immigration:

Why Boehner’s Lawsuit Misses the Mark

My latest piece for the Hill:

My C-Span Appearance Re: Speaker Boehner’s Plan for a Lawsuit Against President Obama

Had a fun time on C-Span yesterday–here’s the link:

Recent writing on presidential power, Iraq, and gun regulation

Some recent pieces I’ve written for U.S. News & World Report and the Hill:

Debate Over U.S. Intervention in Iraq Incorrectly Assumes President Can Act Alone

My latest piece for the


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