Why Trump May Allow Other Republican Candidates to Take Extreme Positions



How can the president respond to the Paris attacks and ISIS?

My take on what presidents and presidential candidates can and can’t do:


Why Trump Should Be Taken Seriously

My piece for the Hill on why Trump can’t be dismissed as a side show:


New Piece on Presidential Power (Co-Authored with Donna Starr-Deelen)

I have a new article out in Presidential Studies Quarterly: Libya, Syria, ISIS, and the Case against the Energetic Executive

The Anti-(d)emocratic Reaction to Reecent Supreme Court Decisions

My latest piece for the Hill:


The Confederate Flag and the States’ Rights Myth

I’m glad to see states are moving away from public display of the Confederate flag.  It’s important to keep the specific history in mind here.  Some who defend the Confederate flag argue it stands for states’ rights.  In the Confederacy, however, slavery took precedent over states’ rights, as I explained here: https://www.acslaw.org/acsblog/charleston-the-confederate-flag-and-the-states%E2%80%99-rights-myth

Edelson Op-Ed in NH Union-Leader on Questions for Presidential Candidates About National Security Power

Here’s my latest piece on presidential power–in context of 2016 election.